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Comvita UMF 25+ Manuka Honey

Beauty in the simplicity.

Developing Comvita’s new UMF25+ Special Reserve Mānuka Honey packaging, called for strategic design that would incorporate the brand’s core values and allow for connectiveness between consumer and product. From this stemmed the theme ‘Guardians of the Forest’, a story of an unspoken duty of kaitiakitanga. Kaitiakitanga is the New Zealand Māori philosophy for the concept and practises of guardianship of the sky, the sea, and the land. Comvita’s core values align with this guardianship philosophy and Comvita undertake this role diligently where their Manuka trees grow.

Structurally, we wanted the box to unfold in layers, similar to walking through the forest - where the light changes, the trees grow dense and the temperature dips. The treasured jar to be hidden in the depths and protected by the flora & fauna.  

We worked hard with our manufacturer to develop a premium finish without compromising the environmental impact. By using certified sustainable papers and removing all plastics, the box can be recycled with paper products and/or will degrade naturally. 

However, the biggest journey, was a digital one.  Comvita wanted to invite consumers into a portal and have them enjoy the product in a multi-sensory way.  A QR code with a simple ‘WELCOME’ underneath is the central focus as you open the lid, transitioning the offline user experience to an online moment of harmony, connecting with consumers on an emotional level and welcoming them into the ‘OneHive’ community.  

By layering the story and leading the consumer on a journey - both offline and online we have created a multi sensory experience with elements of surprise as well as emotional connection. Incorporating the importance of using packaging to tell the story of the Comvita brand and provide more information to the consumer in a (new) world where being relevant and engaging in a digital way is paramount.


Concept Creation

Packaging Design

Creative Direction Photography

Shot by Wayne Tait





25+ Manuka Honey
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