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Grove Avocado Oil

Grove found themselves at a juncture where a brand refresh was essential. However, the challenge lay in ensuring that the brand retained its contemporary appeal while preserving the core aspects it had diligently cultivated both locally and in overseas export markets.

Our journey began by crafting a consumer-centric website, which not only conveyed the exceptional qualities of Extra Virgin Avocado Oil but also delved into the health benefits it offered. The spotlight then shifted to the nutritional advantages showcased in the recipes featured on the website.

Simultaneously, we embarked on a journey to update and rejuvenate their packaging. The hero product swiftly made its debut in Australia and New Zealand, with a comprehensive rollout of all the enticing flavors following closely in its wake.



Website Design

Packaging Design

Creative Direction

Food Photography shot by Megan Dudley & Cristall Lowe

Grove Avocado Oil



Screen Shot 2020-10-28 at 7.07.46 PM.png

Website Design

It was key for Grove that consumers understood the many health benefits of the oil as soon as they landed on the website. We kept it front and centre. Moving on to create health based, nutritional recipes and information easily accessible for consumers across all recipes.

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