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Ours Truly

A dedicated collective of organic dairy farmers hailing from various corners of New Zealand, the Organic Dairy Hub embarked on a mission to solidify their organic product line with a fresh brand.

Collaborating closely with the team, we aimed to craft a name and brand identity that resonated deeply with the core values of each organic dairy farmer. The goal was to make sure that the cooperative felt a strong connection between this new brand and their unwavering principles. As a result, a logo was designed that exuded an aura of both luxury and natural authenticity. It was with this vision that "Ours Truly" came into being.



Brand Positioning

Brand Identity

Website design

Packaging design

Visual Storytelling - shot by Kristian Frires

Product Photography - shot by Megan Dudley

Ours Truly



Screen Shot 2022-01-26 at 2.34.42 PM.png


Website Design

It was important for the team at Ours Truly to have a functioning website that explained to consumers the passion they had for the land, the environment, their farmers and

why their milk was so special. When more products are added to the core range it will also function as an ecommerce platform.

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