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  • Holly Zachan

Innovate or die the reality in our digital age: A Lesson in Innovation and Listening

Although it's fairly old news that last week Warner Bros. Discovery announced Newshub's closure, the message it sends remains profoundly relevant in today's ever-evolving business landscape. It's more than just a closure; it's a poignant reminder of the 'innovate or die' reality in our digital age.

🔄 Innovation is Key: Newshub's journey underscores the critical importance of innovation in staying relevant. In a digital era where consumer behaviours and technologies evolve rapidly, businesses must continuously adapt and innovate to stay ahead of the curve. No one has time for a 1-hour news bulletin anymore.

👥 Listening to Consumers: The core of successful innovation lies in understanding and responding to consumer needs. Newshub's challenges highlight the consequence of potential disconnects between a business's direction and its audience's expectations. What we've always done vs. What we should be doing. Listening to consumers isn't just about gathering feedback; it's about actively incorporating that insight into business strategies.

📈 Adapting to Change: The media industry, in particular, has undergone massive transformations in recent years. The rise of social media, the shift towards digital platforms, and changing consumer content consumption habits are just a few examples. Businesses that thrive are those that not only recognize these changes but adapt to them swiftly and effectively.

🤝 Building Consumer Relationships: In the end, a business's ability to build and maintain strong relationships with its consumers is crucial. This relationship is grounded in trust, value, and mutual understanding - which can only be achieved through consistent and meaningful engagement.

The traditional 1-hour news slot offers more than just a moment for reflection—it's a thrilling opportunity to disrupt and reinvent. As we bid farewell to the old, we embrace an era where innovation can reshape the way news is consumed and delivered. 

Three examples could be:

1.     Segmented News Bulletins: Instead of a continuous hour, news could be broken into shorter segments focusing on specific themes or stories. This caters to viewers with limited time and those interested in particular topics. Think of a single Sports segment that you could pick to watch the local sports events vs needing to watch the whole bulletin. Or just the top International News headlines that sit under an overarching 15-20min bulletin for traditional viewers. Consumers want choices that serve them and their needs.

2.     Multi-Platform Presence: Leveraging digital platforms for delivering news ensures accessibility. Short news snippets can be disseminated through social media, podcasts, or dedicated news apps, allowing consumers to stay informed on their terms.

3.     Interactive and Personalized Content: Embracing interactivity, such as live polls or viewer Q&As, can enhance engagement.

Newshub's closure serves as a powerful case study for all of us in the business world. It reminds us to stay vigilant, embrace innovation, and most importantly, keep our ears to the ground to understand and meet the evolving needs of our consumers.

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